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Westie puppies at 6 days!

I strive to produce a West Highland White Terrier of superior health and temperament. The comments I receive from my puppy owners are my greatest reward insuring that my breeding program has met my Phase I goal.


Brodie chewing.jpg (9432 bytes)You should take the time to go to "Brodie's Blog." One very special OakTree Westie has his own blog from his point of view. He captures the true spirit of a Westie. Read of Brrrodies latest adventures as his pack alphas make him wear stupid things, the beta female's feline comes to visit, he demonstrates the difference between a real and a fake dog, and of course remains the quintessential 'republican' dog...

Visit "Brrrodie's Blog"  here.


Let me pass on to you some of these remarkable comments  from the families that have received OakTree puppies:


"I simply must write .....just to tell you that we certainly have a little champion here!!  Cassie has settled in beautifully!  Without a doubt, she will most likely be the best dog I have ever had.  She has slept through every night from 9:30 to 6:30 without even ONE whimper.  She is happy in her crate as well as her kitchen playpen.  She is also doing nicely with potty training.  In just two weeks, she knows her name, "sit", "down", "go now" (potty) and "come".  She travels in her kennel like a dream...she falls asleep usually within five minutes of any trip.  She waits quietly in her kennel while I run quick errands.  She is full of love and doggie kisses and of course, she loves to play with her toys."

"Just wanted to let you know how incredibly well Xeni is doing in her new home. She truely runs the show in our house...playing with the neighborhood dogs...she is great with children...She has discovered the pleasure of smooching grasshoppers and beetles with her nose and chasing Lightening Bugs....This email can not reflect the pleasure we have experienced with Xeni.  We both want to let you know what a wonderful job you have done in breeding these dogs.  They are wonderful."

"McDuff is such a joy and what a happy fellow.....no matter what, rain or shine, he is always in a great mood!!!! Our household is filled with such sunshine.   He has several friends in the neighborhood and in Virginia, all of them Goldens.  So popular with four paws."

"It is one year today that we made the trip to Wisconsin to pick up Reyna!   What a fast year!  She is the most wonderful dog.  She is smart and opinionated and so funny.  She loves us unconditionally, even when we don't play quite as much as she wants.  We love her dearly and are so happy she is a part of our family.  We thank you again for such a special 'girl'!"

"We wanted to let you know how well our little Lucy girl is doing.  She has such a good personality - our family and neighbors just love her!  She has been so very good - sleeps through the night and waits for us to come and get her.  She is really starting to like her crate.  Yesterday was the first day that she spent three hours alone - and it was no big problem for her - she was tickled to see us again.   She complains less and less when I need to crate her when I am at home.  A little "comment "from her and then she lays down and goes to sleep."

Phase II of the OakTree program is in full swing. Beginning with my base of healthy Westies of excellent temperament I have imported "Rudy" from Alborada Kennels in Spain (now Alborada's first U.S.A. Champion), "Annie" and "Tinker" also from Alborada and "Cheri" from the Lanarkstone lines, as the foundation of a new line of show Westies in the U.S. being forever vigilant of the health and temperament of OakTree Westies.


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