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Shorty watching Animal Planet


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Winter sunset at OakTree Snowy & Blizzard Simko 2005 Snowy & Dad take a snooze Lady gets her heart checked--not so bad! Yuk! Lady gets her temperature taken
Erenz Cricket2.jpg (90570 bytes) Tinker x Paris puppies 2010.JPG (1239284 bytes) meandrudy0109.jpg (253793 bytes) 1 week.jpg (47558 bytes) Twinklebabies4.JPG (47964 bytes)
Cricket Erenz  with Ed 7/2009 Tinker x Paris puppies 2010 Rudy & Me

January 2009

Blossom's Babies(4 days old)May 2009 Twinkle litter in first week.
1 Red Male.JPG (56372 bytes) boys3.JPG (117909 bytes) snowypups1.jpg (69401 bytes) snowtpups2.JPG (39813 bytes) Mom&girls.JPG (161562 bytes)
"Babyface" "The Boys" at 4 weeks. Brother & Sister at 6 weeks. "Let's Play Tag" "Mom, how far is it if I jump?"
playwithme.JPG (105167 bytes) workout.JPG (114189 bytes) CHAWMN & Bonnie Sue 051801-1.JPG (143453 bytes) At_the_window.JPG (79968 bytes) Rudyarrives.JPG (109215 bytes)
"Please, somebody play with me." "Workout! Gosh what a guy has to do to stay in shape." Rudy Now a Champion The Squirrel Watch Rudy's Arrival
Marilyn&Maddie.JPG (83668 bytes) Maddy at Vets.JPG (104011 bytes) Lori.JPG (120391 bytes) Dr Gary.JPG (109185 bytes) Rudy-couch potato.JPG (51621 bytes)
Maddie goes 'Home' Dr. Brian holds paw at Spooner Veterinary Clinic Lorrie gets some hugs in Dr. Gary takes a closer look at  an OakTree patient "Rudy" Couch Potato!
Sandspit.jpg (112430 bytes) Ann and puppies.JPG (38455 bytes) Lk Superior1.jpg (106545 bytes) Abbey's babies 6 days.JPG (22284 bytes) Cassie-Riley 1.JPG (74710 bytes)
A walk on the sandspit at mouth of the Brule River. David's Sister Ann with puppies. "By the shores of Gitche Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water..."
Abbey's babies 6 days old Cassie & Riley going home.

Many more photos coming soon!!!


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